M&F Bank’s No Hassle Consultations

Local Bank Offers Simple Consultations for Loans of All Types


Lending Today

There is a general misconception in the current American mindset regarding the banking industry. Many people believe that banks have locked down their funds and are no longer interested in the usual types of lending that they were involved with in past years. The truth is actually the exact opposite and that’s where M&F bank’s no hassle consultations come into play! While there was a short period in the economic downturn when many banks were much tighter with funds, “banks are open and lending, ready for business as usual,” says M&F Bank President Jeff Lacey. Rates are historically low, so now is an ideal time for people to seek out the loans they need.


30 Minute No Hassle Consultations

When most people think about approaching a bank for a loan, they are seemingly frozen in their tracks with the question, “where do I start?” M&F Bank realizes that people are unsure of the loan process, and that entering the bank to begin the conversation can be intimidating. This is where their “30 Minute No Hassle Loan Consultation” comes in. “You can just come in, sit down with a loan officer, and have a casual talk about what you need, what you are looking for, and you can come out of that conversation with a general idea of what you can actually do,” explains Jeff Lacey.

The consultation leaves you with no obligation to take out a loan with M&F; you don’t even have to be a current customer to come in and talk! What you hope to gain from the talk will determine how prepared you need to be when you come. The more information you bring with you, the more specific the answers will be at the end of the session. Based on the information you provide, M&F can give you a general idea of what they can lend you and what terms may be. The more information you provide, the more detailed your answers will be.


What Can We Do in 30 Minutes?

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot in that 30 minute session with a loan officer. The conversation can range from a general information seeking session, all the way to actually filling out a loan application for qualification/pre-qualification — the choice of how deep the conversation goes is up to you.

You can use the 30 minute consultation to find out about any of the range of loans that M&F Bank has to offer. Looking for a home? Come and get pre-qualified for a Home Mortgage Loan so that you’ll know how much you can afford, and can have leverage with owners that prefer to work with pre-qualified buyers. Do you already own a home but need cash for improvements or emergencies or debt consolidation? Come in and find out about a Home Equity Line of Credit. M&F even continues to offer individuals Personal Loans for everything from tuition to vacations to emergencies or debt consolidation. No matter what type of loan you may need — from Business to Auto, Recreation Land to SBA — you can use your 30 minute consultation to inquire about them all.

So if you are considering taking out a loan in the near future for any type of purchase or need, make an appointment today to simply come in and take advantage of M&F Bank’s 30 Minute No Hassle Consultation. You will be glad that you did.

M&F Bank has branches in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. Established in 1890, they were formerly known as Merchants and Farmers Bank. They are now called M&F Bank, and they want to be sure that people know how hassle-free banking can really be. For more information, visit www.mfbankteam.com.

Matthew Jackson is an author, a member of thinkWRITE Guild, and a contributing writer for County Connections.