Immunopathology, Patience Care & Focus: Building A Dental Practice The Right Way

Immunopathology: A Specialty That Makes A Difference

In addition to bringing the best in general dentistry to his patients, Dr. Achord also has found a fulfilling calling in immunopathology–the science of immunity and how the immune system reacts to attacks on the body. Specifically, he studies and treats pathologies and abnormalities associated with chemotherapy and related cancer treatments.

“These can include lesions, ulcerations, discomfort and increased dental decay,” Dr. Achord said. “I help the patient manage decay, stay aware of the changing status of teeth and gums, and properly treat infections and lesions. “This is an important calling for me, and I’m proud to help patients through these specialized and challenging issues. It gives an added dimension to the practice of dentistry–one that makes a difference in people’s lives in a very real way.”

In addition to the immunopathology focus, Dr. Achord has devoted himself to building a diverse and holistic practice. Patients are regularly coming in the door for a variety of reasons related to dental health, and not just for a single reason that gets solved in the short run while others aren’t addressed.


Dr. Andrew Achord Has A Thriving Dental Practice In Flowood

The patients at Achord Family Dentistry have come to trust the treatment they get from Dr. Andrew Achord. Since opening his practice in 2006, Dr. Achord has dedicated himself to improving the dental health of families across the metro area. Driven by his ability to use his skills and knowledge to make life better, Dr. Achord practices general dentistry with the intent of making a difference in the oral health of his patients.

“We are family-focused, and we handle pretty much anything that comes in the door,” Dr. Achord said. “If it can be done in a dental office, we do it. Cleanings, fillings, even the emergency needs that can be handled in the dental chair.

“I like to think that we meet our patients where they are in their lives and help them in any way we can. There’s almost nothing we can’t do, in a general dentistry sense.”


Smile! It’s Dentistry!

A few years ago there was an uptick in the number of “smile” dentists.

“We’ve all done ‘aesthetic dentistry’ for years,” Dr. Achord said. “I enjoy it tremendously. But I can’t build my practice around it. My practice focuses on treating each patient individually, based on their needs as a patient, be they aesthetic, prevention, or repair.


Keeping In Practice

Dr. Achord is a native of Atlanta. He graduated from Mississippi College with a Bachelor of Science in biology. He earned his Master of Science in pathology and his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He is a member of the American Association of Oral Medicine, the American Society of Forensic Odontology, the American Association of Forensic Dentists and the Mississippi Dental Society.

To sharpen your focus on oral health, put your dental plan into place at Achord Family Dentistry located at 4290 Lakeland Drive Suite C in Flowood, Mississippi. Dr. Andrew Achord also holds a degree in immunopathology. His areas of focus include restorative dental care, diseases of the mouth and their effects on the rest of the body, and dental treatment for patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.

For more information, please visit or call (601) 664-0492 to schedule an appointment.