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Griffin Aims Higher in Jackson MS

Griffin Aims Higher

Meet Jason Griffin. A 7th degree blackbelt (Senior Master) in Tae Kwon Do, an active member in his church community at… Broadmoor Baptist Church in Madison, and a husband and father of three children.

If you ask Griffin “What is your main mission in life?,” he will tell you teaching and leading by example, whether it is at home, in his academy, at church or in the community. Jason Griffin’s Tae Kwon Do studio is an icon on the corner of I-55 and County Line Road. Many have driven by in wonder at the two story figures of kids high kicking in their uniforms, wondering what exactly goes on inside.



Griffin is a natural teacher and leader. He has turned his passion for teaching and leadership into a career through programs that, in addition to martial arts, teach and foster fundamentals of character development, respect, stamina, and self esteem. In fact, every student goes through a curriculum, which, for kids, includes a “Character Development Training Journal” where students are responsible for maintaining progress in character development skills and in academics. Griffin feels that it is important for the students to learn life skills that transfer outside of the four walls of the academy. Every student does 10 acts of kindness per training cycle, and the academy has logged over 100,000 random acts of kindness in the Jackson area! Griffin explains, “Parents are always the leaders. We are the support. We offer a positive environment where kids can see their efforts paying off.” Griffin’s goal is to help students embody a healthy lifestyle — physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Tae Kwon Do + Rock Climbing + Gymnastics

Griffin is forging his dreams into reality. Griffin has turned his 12,000 square foot complex into a destination featuring a dedicated indoor rock climbing studio with fully inverted climbs, a tumb ling room with a fully spring formed gymnastics floor for tumbling classes, and of course, one of the largest martial arts floor spaces in the state. Griffin now offers a party room so kids can take advantage of healthy lifestyle parties full of adventure and exercise. Principles are the core of all of his programs.


Taekwondo Training

As a franchised member of Tiger Rock Martial Arts, Griffin started and has grown a premier martial arts program right here in Madison County. He has been training in Tae Kwon Do for 26 years and teaching for 24 years. The school, which has more than 20 certified instructors, offers over forty classes per week in order to provide flexible class times for busy lifestyles. Students have the advantage of more than one instructor to teach them and a well rounded curriculum. “We’re not just breaking boards. We are building confidence and life skills.”


Founding Principles

Griffin’s says principles are the core of all of his programs. He pushes his students to be strong individuals who find strength in being part of a team. Griffin explains, “There are good consequences to good behavior and working towards goals as individuals and as a group. A well rounded, strong student is a healthy student. We want all of our students to be prepared day in and day out, in class and in life.”

Jason Griffin’s Tiger Rock Tae Kwon Do Academy offers eight week curriculum cycles backed by a nationally accredited program and offers classes six days a week. For more information on martial arts class times, indoor climbing, tumbling and gymnastics, or adventure birthday parties, visit www.griffinstkd.com or call 601-977-9000.

Bryan Carter is an author, a member of thinkWRITE Guild, and a contributing writer for County Connections.

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