Diabetes Technology Changing Lives

New diabetes technology now offers people with the disease more ways to manage their glucose levels and prevent associated complications.

Today, there is hope within the roller coaster world of diabetes, thanks to innovative diabetes technology that, when used expertly, can help patients, family members and physicians deal more effectively with the constant ups and downs of blood sugar levels. Managing this disease has been an educated guessing game for most and chronically high glucose levels can cause serious eye, kidney, nerve and heart damage.

If you are seeking true physician expertise as a patient, it doesn’t get any better than an endocrinologist who is also a diabetes educator. As an endocrinologist and a nationally recognized diabetes educator, Dr. Wayne Woo is that unique focused combination that is highly sought after by experienced patients. Located in Flowood, Mississippi, his practice, the Diabetes and Endocrine Institute, sets itself apart with its comprehensive approach to patient care, patient education and integration with the latest technologies.


New Technologies

Two technologies have entered the market that are changing the way diabetes is managed. With proper education and training, these technologies are literally life changing for many of those who use them.


The Insulin Pump

Diabetes Technology: insulin pumpThe insulin pump is a computerized device, about the size of a pager, that mimics the human pancreas by constantly releasing small incremental doses of insulin through a tiny needle placed beneath the skin. The pump provides the user freedom from shots, tighter glucose control through adjustments in both basal and bolus insulin, more precise insulin delivery, and more flexibility with timing of meals. According to Dr. Wayne Woo, “Insulin pumps are a recent technology that can be used very effectively in managing blood glucose levels, but you have to know how to properly use them. Once a patient understands the proper use, the pump can have a real impact on the patient’s level of control.” Today, insulin pumps are used successfully by children and adults of almost all ages.


Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS)

It is a well-established fact that people with diabetes who closely monitor and regulate their blood sugar have fewer diabetic complications. Unlike traditional glucose monitoring through a finger prick that provides only a one-time blood sugar level snapshot, continuous blood glucose monitors check blood glucose every few minutes. The data from these monitors enables patients and their physicians to measure trends, chart ups and downs, and make adjustments to insulin, meal, or exercise regimens. These monitors also feature safety alarms that alert users when blood sugar readings are dangerously low or high, thus helping avoid a medical emergency. A continuous monitoring system means fewer finger pricks and a real time view of how blood glucose levels trend with food, insulin and exercise. With continuous monitoring, those challenged with illness or more difficult-to-predict levels are able to better control their blood sugar levels.


Local Expertise

Dr. Woo is known in the Jackson Metro area within the diabetes community for his regular events and programs for those with diabetes including cooking demonstrations, exercise programs and mini-conferences.

In one of Dr. Woo’s regular programs, patients are taught how to properly use insulin pumps and CGMS’s and can compare notes with each other with the doctor present, which is invaluable. According to Dr. Woo, “It is critical that both pump patients and those with CGMS’s truly understand the technology and how to use it in real-time. Our goal is to have fully educated and capable patients who are able to lead full and happy lives. We give our patients more than hope. We empower them on a daily basis!”

While a cure for diabetes may arrive in the future, those living with diabetes today have to commit themselves to managing the condition. However, with new technologies and diabetes teams for guidance and support, those with diabetes can manage their condition better than ever before and live full lives. If you or your loved one has diabetes and is interested in finding out more about insulin pump therapy and additional technologies and techniques for managing diabetes, contact the Diabetes and Endocrine Institute.

Dr. Wayne Woo is an Endocrinologist, not a General Practitioner, and is the most recognized Diabetes Educator in the area. Dr. Woo was one of a few honored nationally as a Diabetes Educator of the Year for 2011.

The Diabetes and Endocrine Institute is located just off of Lakeland Drive next to The Courthouse gym in Flowood. New patients can call (601) 932-1223 to set up an appointment or to arrange an initial consultation. You can visit their website at www.diabetesandendocrineinstitute.org or by going to www.drwoo.org.