Immunopathology, Patience Care & Focus: Building A Dental Practice The Right Way

Immunopathology: A Specialty That Makes A Difference

In addition to bringing the best in general dentistry to his patients, Dr. Achord also has found a fulfilling calling in immunopathology–the science of immunity and how the immune system reacts to attacks on the body. Specifically, he studies and treats pathologies and abnormalities associated with chemotherapy and related cancer treatments.

“These can include lesions, ulcerations, discomfort and increased dental decay,” Dr. Achord said. “I help the patient manage decay, stay aware of the changing status of teeth and gums, and properly treat infections and lesions. “This is an important calling for me, and I’m proud to help patients through these specialized and challenging issues. It gives an added dimension to the practice of dentistry–one that makes a difference in people’s lives in a very real way.” (more…)

Business Loans to Jump Start the New Year

Business loans are real and available and more businesses are qualified than are aware.

With a slowly recovering economy and skepticism on the part of potential loan recipients, a great many business owners are under the false impression that it is a bad time to take out commercial loans. The truth is completely counter to this widely felt, uninformed opinion. The fact is that there is money ready for business loans. (more…)

A New Kind of Marketing Agency Right Here in Mississippi

When you first walk in, you may wonder, what exactly is this place? Are they an advertising agency? Are they a technology company? A Marketing agency?

A New Kind of Marketing AgencyThe answer is yes, and much more. is a new breed of creative services company. They are known for online work including website design, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing. They also, however, provide a full range of traditional services offered by ad agencies and technology companies to clients of all sizes.

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Marketing and Sales: The Secret Power of the Bell Curve

A powerful idea that, when applied, can make your marketing and sales efforts sing.

We all know of the bell curve. Most of us learned about it in the context of school where it is often applied to normalize grades. The bell curve applies in marketing and sales as well.


The Bell Curve of Performance

The idea of the bell curve illustrates the notion that there are a few that always succeed no matter the circumstances and a few that do not succeed no matter the circumstances. In terms of performance, this occurs without adjusting scores. There are always outliers on the over-achiever (over-performance) and the under-achiever (under-performance) sides. The school and classroom may be poorly run, the teacher may not be organized, but over-achieving students, regardless of the situation, will succeed. Likewise, there are those on the other end of the bell curve who, in spite of an excellent educational environment and in spite of having excellent mentoring and teaching, just will not make it. (more…)

Connect With Your Customers

Many advertisers make basic mistakes. Make sure to get your message and your presentation right: Connect With Your Customers!

Whenever you advertise as a business you have the opportunity to make a real connection with your customers. The most powerful connection you can make is through a meaningful message. Connect With Your Customers to increase brand awareness and goodwill.

There is a tendency in advertising to go for exceptionally clever ways to present company messages. Unfortunately the focus often become the “clever,” not the message.

Cleverness and pretty don’t count if there is no real underlying value or if they get in the way of what you are trying to say. We have all seen “over-the-top” advertisements. They are only effective when the value is communicated. Some of the best good examples of over-the-top advertisements that work are those at the half-time during the Super Bowl. These are messages that have been cleverly crafted at great cost and are being presented to an audience that is expecting something over the top to begin with. In fact, the more over the top the better! There is a world of difference between Super Bowl moments and the rest of life. It is also not uncommon for advertisers to run their Super Bowl commercial only at the Super Bowl, then choose to run different campaigns outside of the Super Bowl. (more…)

Meet Chief Houston

Chief Houston: When it comes to electing a Sheriff, there are key factors to consider – Experience, Qualifications and above all, Leadership.

Chief HoustonMadison County Sheriff Toby Trowbridge is stepping down this term and is leaving some big shoes to fill. He has been a celebrated leader, has grown a department and has operated a ten million dollar ($10,000,000) budget. When asked what skills the next Sheriff should possess, Sheriff Trowbridge said simply, “management and experience.”

The race has attracted some fine candidates. However, on these issues, one candidate rises above the rest based on his reputation, his experience and especially his track record for successfully running two police departments with multimillion dollar budgets.

Mississippi born and raised, Jimmy Houston is definitely local. He married his high school sweet heart and has been blessed with three children and six grandchildren, two of which attend Madison schools. (more…)

Diabetes Technology Changing Lives

New diabetes technology now offers people with the disease more ways to manage their glucose levels and prevent associated complications.

Today, there is hope within the roller coaster world of diabetes, thanks to innovative diabetes technology that, when used expertly, can help patients, family members and physicians deal more effectively with the constant ups and downs of blood sugar levels. Managing this disease has been an educated guessing game for most and chronically high glucose levels can cause serious eye, kidney, nerve and heart damage. (more…)

Customer Loyalty begins with Trust.
Consistency is the Key.

Customer Loyalty begins with customers that trust you with their business and become the best customers to work with, because they allow you to do what you do best!

Have you ever wondered how some businesses just seem to have their act together? Have you ever felt confidence in a business more quickly than anticipated? Have you ever felt your confidence and trust in a business fade, perhaps without a coherent reason? The causal function of any of these circumstances can often be explained by consistency which builds customer loyalty. (more…)

Lebanese food: Seasoning the Summer Just Right

When cooking authentic Lebanese food, freshness, seasoning and preparation are key.

When cooking authentic Lebanese food, freshness, seasoning and preparation are key. Maya Nahouli, owner and head chef of Mezza, knows the importance of flavor by heart. She was born and raised in Lebanon and learned to love the act of cooking and sharing her native cuisine at an early age. Today, Nahouli shares the flavors and memories of Lebanon with the Metro Area from her Madison restaurant, Mezza. And, it looks like this summer will be fragrant with the aromas of Lebanon, calling diners for miles around. (more…)

Dental Health: A Habit For Life!

Healthy dental habits for kids create lifelong benefits.

Raising kids with healthy teeth seems impossible. But if parents take a measured approach, achieving this goal can be simply realized. And when this goal is achieved, your children will reap the benefits for their entire life. The bottom line is that healthy oral hygiene for kids means healthy oral hygiene for the adults they will become. (more…)