The Politician’s Handbook of Dirty, Underhanded Tricks and Deceptions

Politics imageIf you are running for office, don’t worry. If there are things in your past or present that you do not want do discuss (and aren’t there always!), you can avoid them by using a few tricks of the trade. And, in the worst circumstances, you can just lie. Today, it is easier than ever to rewrite your history and influence people.

In politics, people choose their candidates and demonstrate loyalty beyond reason. They ignore truth in favor of made up truths, are willing to accept political maneuvering over requiring proper responses to questions asked, and believe what they want to believe.

Many of the tactics politicians use to dodge and deceive the public are easy to spot if you look for them. Here are a few of the most commonly used ploys. A politician’s handbook, if you will. (more…)

Mississippi Inventors of LockerBones Strike Deal on ABC’s Shark Tank

LockerBones Strike Deal on ABC’c Shark Tank On January 17th, 2014 at 8 PM CST, Mississippi company FMD Organizers took its patented flagship product, LockerBones, on ABC’s critically acclaimed series, Shark Tank, and struck a deal with investors (Sharks) Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner for capital and guidance. The first prototype of this unique locker shelf system was conceived as a father and daughter project and is now in use in multiple schools by hundreds of students in Mississippi.

Jackson, MS (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

On Friday January 17th, at 8 PM CST Mississippi’s LockerBones business team Greg Cronin (Inventor) and Dr. Stephen Coachys (Operations) were able to watch their visit to ABC’s Shark Tank air for the first time. After taping in September of 2013, the owners were sworn to secrecy regarding the outcome.

At the premiere party, hosted by their website and marketing partner Think Webstore in Ridgeland, Mississippi, family, friends, dignitaries, and media were able to witness the reveal in real-time. The duo struck a deal with Sharks for 50% of their company for $175,000. Local ABC affiliate WAPT was there to film the event, which aired in news segments on Friday and Saturday. (more…)

Mississippi Inventors of LockerBones in the Shark Tank

Locker Bones on Shark TankOn January 17th, 2014 at 8:00 PM, Mississippi company FMD Organizers takes patented flagship product, LockerBones, on ABC’s critically acclaimed series, Shark Tank, to try to win a deal with the potential investors (sharks) for capital and guidance. The first prototype of this unique locker shelf system was conceived as a father and daughter project and is now in use in several schools by hundreds of students in Mississippi. One evening before the first day at a new school, Ashley, the daughter of Greg Cronin, a serial entrepreneur, came to him with “locker concerns.” Like many young students, she was concerned about classes, school, friends, and yes, her locker. She was wanting a cool organizer, a popular must-have item among her friends.

Some plywood, a dado blade, and an all night project later, the first LockerBones prototype was created. LockerBones are simple, easy to setup, customizable shelf storage systems designed to fit multiple sizes of lockers. Cronin’s daughter immediately became the envy of her newly met friends for her unique wooden system. Before he knew it, Cronin was making units in his garage to fill orders as favors to his daughter’s friends, and then to meet the growing popularity of the product. (more…)

How to Manage an Income Tax Refund

When we look at the spending habits of Americans, do we really think that there is no correlation between the rise of used car sales and the mailing of Income Tax Refunds in the month of February? Certainly not!

When the federal and state income tax refunds are mailed out each year, beginning in February, the national economy gets a little help. Why? Because we rush right out to spend our refunds. But how should we really be handling this extra bit of income?

In reality, income tax refunds are NOT extra income. You have already earned that money, sent it to the federal and/or state government in the form of tax payments, and income tax refunds are simply the government giving you back money if you paid too much. It’s almost as if you loaned the government that extra money, and now you are getting it back.

Income tax is removed from your paycheck based on what the government estimates you will owe at the end of the year. This estimate is based on what your income will be, minus any deductions that you might have. You fill out paperwork at the beginning of any job, and part of that paperwork helps your employer know what to withhold for taxes and send to the appropriate place. Deductions are for items like head of household, dependents, and a few other qualifying things. The more deductions you have, the less tax is withheld from your check.

The paperwork is designed to be as accurate as possible, so always be sure to fill it out completely and correctly. If you put down too many deductions, you will then owe income tax at the end of the year. On the other side, if you put down too few deductions, you will end up with a larger refund at the end of the year. Some people intentionally put down too few deductions, using their refund as a sort of savings account – they then plan for large expenditures when they get in their tax refunds.

The realistic approach is to treat a tax refund just like any other income you receive during the year. Set aside your normal amounts for savings, spending, retirement, etc. You earned this income months before, so be sure to treat it like income, and not just a bonus check that you can run out and blow.

The temptation to run out and spend our income tax return is natural. We all like to get a little extra money, and then do something a little extra special with that money. Other people are tempted to do the exact opposite, and to save every extra cent they can. A balanced way to approach dealing with tax refunds is to play a little psychological trick on yourself – plan to spend half, and to save the other half. This helps us not go overboard in either direction, but also satisfies the impulses we have to do both. Even though we know we are tricking ourselves a bit, it still seems to work every time.

Whatever approach you take to tax withholding and year-end tax refunds, do it intentionally. Plan how you would like to handle the “tax/refund issue,” and then follow through with your plan. This really is the way to take control of your money, and not get caught in the grip of an unhealthy tax refund mania.

Author Matthew Jackson is a member of thinkWRITE Guild and a contributing writer to Crockett Rockett. This article was published in Crockett Rocket issue XLIV of vol IV.

Mississippi Marketing Agency “Think Webstore” Officially Becomes a One Million Dollar Company

Think Webstore becomes a million dollar companyThink Webstore has experienced consecutive annual growth every year since its founding in 2008. After nearly five years in business, Think Webstore is officially a one million dollar business. And, they have become successful in a challenging economy by helping other rising companies do the same using creative, yet practical methods to spur client growth. (more…)

Remote Deposit: Unveiling the Secret

Remote Deposit: Unveiling the Secret

With the blossoming of so much new technology in our daily lives, it is often easy for us to forget that technology also impacts the world of business. There are many new, often unused, services that banks are offering to their business customers. One service in particular can make banking dramatically easier for often time-strapped businesses. (more…)

New Expectations for Banking in Mississippi

Technology offers unprecedented convenience of banking accessibility. But, don’t forget the basics.

Sometimes technology can overtake us before we have even had an opportunity to predict its possibilities. When a technology is adopted as mainstream, spin-off changes can occur in just about any kind of environment — from social to business to education to entertainment. And, one technologic advancement can set up and accelerate the next. (more…)

The Primary Care Physician in Jackson MS

While it used to be a mainstream practice, the importance of a primary care physician is too often overlooked.

Dr. LaGarde primary care physician in Jackson MSDo you ever wish you had a “go to” doctor? Well, it wasn’t long ago when many people did have a go to doctor, and they still exist today. The role of that doctor is “Primary Care Physician” and that person can be your single most important point of contact for your life-long health care. (more…)

Thinking Outside of the Box

Thinking Outside of the Box

Think Webstore opened in January of 2008 and has apparently found a way around the recessed economy. Rather than facing shrinking, like so many businesses in their industry and outside their industry, they have continued to grow through the down economy. (more…)

Jason Griffin Aims Higher

Griffin’s Taekwondo program targets character, higher grades, and self esteem

Meet Jason Griffin. A 7th degree blackbelt (Senior Master) in Tae Kwon Do, an active member in his church community at Broadmoor Baptist Church in Madison, and a husband and father of three children. If you ask Griffin “What is your main mission in life?,” he will tell you teaching and leading by example, whether it is at home, in his academy, at church or in the community. Jason Griffin’s Tae Kwon Do studio is an icon on the corner of I-55 and County Line Road. Many have driven by in wonder at the two story figures of kids high kicking in their uniforms, wondering what exactly goes on inside. (more…)